Download more than 3MB using NOP-for PC only
Here is a simple trick to bypass the limitations of Airtel NOP on PC. This method doesnt utilize Wingate which many people hav trouble configuring, due to its perplex nature. Besides, this method is much faster than Wingate tunneling. All u need is this simple software called Proxifier. Get it from or download it from below

Now Just follow the steps :

Configuring ur PC internet browser ( for Opera)
1. Goto Tools>preferences>Advanced> Network>Proxy Servers
2. Uncheck all proxy options ( so ur browser is now set to work with direct internet connection)
Configuring Proxifier
1. Goto options>Proxy settings. Click on 'Add' and enter the following configuration on that window
IP address :
Port : 8080
Protocol : HTTP with SSL support
Authentication : Leave this unchecked
Click 'OK' and check the newly added proxy to enable it.
2. Goto Options>Name resolution. Uncheck 'Choose the mode automatically' and then Select "Remotely"


Now dial up ur NOP profile. Start Proxifier. Start your internet browser and surf without any limitations No XML errors and no filesize limit!!!
Similarly, uncheck proxy options on ur download manager and u shud be able to download files of any size
and install it on ur pc.

Software download links:
Proxifier [825 KB](This also includes all the settings in the file NOP.prx)
Patch for proxifier [17KB]

Password of file containing Proxifier patch: mobilomania

How to apply the patch:
After installation it will ask for registration and after 30 dayz it will get expire,so here is the solution 4 it.

1.First extract this patch anywhere in ur PC from zip archive. go to ur source drive(usually C) program file folder find proxifier file

5.copy and paste that proxifier patch to this proxifier folder which you have extracted from zip archive earlier. open patch click apply and its done.

7.Open your proxifier and now will see it is not asking 4 registration.

Now you have sucessfully patched Proxifier.

If for some reason you cannot perform the trick mentioned here or face any difficulty, send me an email:

Page last updated: 29.12.2007

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